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Loyalty Rewards

Collect points through our customer loyalty rewards.
For every £1 you spend with us you will receive 1 loyalty point which can be collected and used against future purchases.


In order to collect points for our rewards schemes you will need to be registered.

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How loyalty scheme works



Collect until 06/01/2022
Reedeem until 06/01/2023
1 point per whole £ spent. See description for qualifying spend details.

Boat Inn Loyalty Scheme

1 point for every £1 spent across all products at The Boat Inn. Points can be collected and turned into money off vouchers for future purchases For example 150 pts = £1.50 voucher.

Vouchers can only be redeemed against purchases and no cash alternative will be given.


Collecting and Redeeming Points...

Registered customers are automatically subscribed to all loyalty programmes.




Smartphone users:

  • Visit the pub and view the website on your mobile.
  • Select the Rewards section and login if necessary.
  • Select the reward you wish to collect points for to display the QR code.
  • Make the qualifying purchase at the bar and show the QR code.
  • The staff will scan the QR code shown which will credit points to your account immediately.


Non-smartphone users:

  • Click on the View QR code on this page for the reward.
  • Print it out and take it to the bar.




Smartphone users:

  • Visit the pub and view the website on your mobile.
  • Select the Rewards section and login if necessary.
  • Select the reward to redeem to show the QR code
  • The staff will scan the QR code shown which will verify and redeem the points.


Non-smartphone users:

  • Click on the Redeem Points button on this page for the reward.
  • Print it out and take it to the bar.





Rewards Scheme Terms And Conditions

1.QR Codes
1.1 A QR code is required to collect or redeem points.
1.2 Each QR code lasts only 24 hours
1.3 Each QR code can only be used once.
1.4 Each QR code is unique to a customer and is not transferable.
1.5 There is no guarantee or warranty as to whether the QR works although reported technical difficulties will be investigated.
1.6 It is at the discretion of the pub whether or not to accept QR codes.
1.7 If you lose your printed QR code and it is used by someone else no replacements or re-imbursement will be issued.
1.8 If you print your QR code and no longer wish to use it then just delete it.
1.9 Printed QR codes cannot be cancelled. To prevent use, it must be deleted.

2. Participating in the scheme
2.1 You must be a registered customer to participate in the Loyalty Reward Scheme.
2.2 Registration is free and done online although there may be a manual registration method.
2.3 By participating in the scheme you agree to;
2.3.1 All terms and conditions and any subsequent changes.
2.3.2 Where any dispute is raised, the final decision is with the venue.
2.3.3 Indemnify the venue and the service operator against any loss of damages.
2.3.4 The venue and the service operator will not be held liable or responsible for any losses incurred from participation in the scheme.
2.4 Operation of the scheme is done in good faith and changes to the schemes, rewards, collection methods and redemptions are done so as required by the venue.
2.5 There is no cash alternative with any reward.

3 Collecting and Redeeming Points
3.1 The primary method of collecting and redeeming points is via a smartphone.
3.2 Where it is not possible to use a smartphone then you may print out your QR code.
3.3 Points are not added or redeemed until the QR code is scanned at the bar.

4 Scheme technicalities
4.1 To collect or redeem points requires an internet connection.
4.2 There is no guarantee of internet network availability.
4.3 Where network availability is unavailable then it is at the discretion of the pub whether they can add/redeem points manually.
4.4 Points are added/redeemed immediately.
4.5 You can check your points balances at any time using your pub website login.


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Register on our website for access to our customer loyalty rewards.

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